Greco Pizza delivers a taste of Nova Scotia

Greco Pizza is sending a taste of home to a New Yorker who misses her pizza fix. When Grinner’s Food Systems Ltd. heard the Truro native is stuck in New York and misses her favorite pizza, they jumped to action and couriered her everything she needs to make her favorite pizza and donair right in her New York apartment.

Erica Caines is working as a quantitative analysist in New York and regularly visits her family in Truro, Nova Scotia.  Unfortunately, she and millions others like her, aren’t able to travel to their native homes as a result of COVID-19 travel restrictions.

“Getting a special delivery of pizza from 1,000 miles away is awesome,” Erica says, adding “Greco pizza is the first thing I order whenever I come home. I live in the city with the best pizza in the United States, but nothing comes close to Greco Pizza.”

The ‘special delivery’ was made after a company official heard of her wish. “The company was thrilled to do this and reminds everyone that you never forget your roots,” says Advertising Director Cheryl Craig.  “We think it’s awesome, we sent her everything she needs including our famous donair meat and donair sauce. We even sent her our pizza boxes so she can have an authentic experience. We are very excited to be able to deliver our pizza and donair all the way to New York to a very special Greco Pizza fan.”

Bonté Foods, the Dieppe NB manufacturer of many of the Greco recipes, played a role in shipping the food to the US.  Barbara Ann O’Brien, President of Bonté Foods made sure the shipment got through. “We were happy to do it, “ says O’Brien. “It’s great to know someone away from home can get a taste of Atlantic Canada in New York.”

About Greco Pizza

The first Greco restaurant was opened in 1977 and today continues to grow with over 100 locations throughout the Atlantic Provinces. Greco Pizza is famous for their Donairs, and the meat in a Greco Donair is still seasoned with the same old world flavors used in their first location over 40 years ago. Also renowned for their Pan Pizza and Garlic Fingers, Greco is home of the FREE Flavoured Crust.

About Grinner’s Food Systems Limited

Grinner’s Food Systems Limited, based out of Truro, Nova Scotia, is one of the largest franchising systems in Atlantic Canada. They have over 150 of their restaurant brands operating in the Atlantic Provinces including Greco Pizza, Capt.Submarine and FROZU!, a frozen yogurt franchise. Grinner’s, a division of Trucorp Investments Incorporated, is one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies. 

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