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Greco XPRESS has many available opportunities throughout Atlantic Canada. Click on a province to see existing available locations or locations where a new location is available.

Existing Locations For Resale

There are no existing locations for resale at this time.

Available Areas For New Development

Owning a Greco XPRESS License Concept

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Is it right for me?

Greco Pizza is a strong, well known brand, #1 in Atlantic Canada with local operational support (setup and ongoing), ongoing marketing and advertising support. Greco Pizza is a leader in marketing with online ordering, 310-3030 our one phone number system, Flavour Crust, Facebook and Twitter presence, Oven Subs, Greco Donair and much more.

Start-up Costs

Equipment (new)$28,385
Yearly License Fee$1,000
Total Investment$55,935

Used/existing suitable equipment can be utilized to reduce setup costs.

Equipment/Signage Financing Available via third party

* Based on typical location, cost may vary by location. Prices subject to change without notice.
** Finance rate is based on credit history and length of time in business.
Operational profit and returns will vary due to a range of factors. We will be pleased to discuss the potential for your location. The success or failure of any business depends on many factors such as sales, management skills, and the ability to control costs. There are no guarantees as to whether these results will be achieved. Grinner’s Food Systems Limited recommends that you consult with an independent lawyer and accountant before making financial decisions.


Grinner’s will be with you all the way. We offer setup support and staff training to get you going and ongoing support including marketing support and no charge promotional materials!


You must have an existing convenience store, restaurant or business located in an area with a population of less than 4000 that meets our space requirements.

The ideal location has a size of 150-300 sq ft of available space with a minimum of 4 feet of available counter space and additional space for cold, frozen and dry storage.

Steps to becoming a Greco XPRESS Owner

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Here are the steps to get started.

Step 1

Contact us – You can email us at or call 1-800-565-4389. Let us know which area you are interested in opening your Greco XPRESS License Concept.

Step 2

ApplicationComplete our application online or one of our Development Department representatives can email you a copy. There is no commitment or deposit required but this will simply let us know a little about you and whether you potentially could become a Greco XPRESS Licensee.

Step 3

Learn More – Speak with a Development Department representative regarding our assistance in training and ongoing support for new Licensees.

Step 4

Due Diligence – Review our benefits, requirements, estimated investment Document and License Agreement with your legal/financial council to ensure you understand your rights. Connect with current or past License owners.

Step 5

Site Selection – Review our site selection criteria and discuss potential locations with our Development Department.

Step 6

Breakeven Analysis and Financing – We will prepare for you a Breakeven Analysis
based on a site/floorplan that we agree on, estimated start-up costs, our Greco Average
Performance costs and chain average sales. This is prepared so that it can become part
of your Business Plan when you search for financing with your financial institution of
your choice. Used/existing suitable equipment can be utilized to reduce setup costs.

Step 7

Approval Process – Once step 6 is completed then the application, location, site/floorplan, estimated start-up costs, financing and breakeven analysis will be reviewed by our Development Department management team.

A decision as to whether you will be granted a Greco Pizza License Concept will be made a short time after the meeting is held.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Greco XPRESS?
Why Greco XPRESS?

Greco Pizza is a proven product innovator being the first to market Thick ‘n’ Crispy Pan Pizzas, Oven♥Subs® and Flavoured Crust. Award winning marketing campaigns and service programs such as the PizzaNumber® Greco’s one number telephone system 310-3030, online ordering, online payment, Facebook and Twitter presence have resulted in making Greco Pizza Atlantic Canada’s #1 choice for Pizza.

Today there are over 100 outlets operating in Atlantic Canada and Ontario. Each Greco Pizza is a professionally designed, low investment restaurant that serves quality products at reasonable prices.

What Are the Benefits?
What Are the Benefits?

Greco Pizza is a strong, well known brand, largest pizza franchise in Atlantic Canada – over 100 locations
We offer operational support – setup and ongoing including marketing support with no charge promotional materials.

Each Greco XPRESS is customized to the location and add traffic and labour efficiencies to your existing business.

Will Grinner's Help Me be Successful?
Will Grinner's Help Me be Successful?

Greco will provide you with ongoing marketing and advertising support. We’re a leader in marketing, with initiatives including Facebook and Twitter presence, and innovative products such as Oven Subs, donairs and much more!