Grinner’s Logos

Please choose the logo and file file format appropriate for your application. Click on any link to download the file.

Full Colour (4 Process CMYK) Logo

The full colour logo is the most appropriate logo to use for most print applications.

PDF File (best for print)

JPG File

Web (RGB) Logo

The web logo is the most appropriate logo to use for web or television applications.

JPG File

PNG File (Transparent Background)

2 Colour Spot (Pantone or PMS Colour) Logo

The full 2 colour logo (PMS 185 Red & 70% K) is best when for applications such as promotional items, embroidery etc.

PDF File

1 Colour Logo

The 1 colour logo is appropriate for one colour uses such as newsprint or promotional items. The colour can be changed to a spot colour (PMS 185 is the Grinner’s Red) in a vector image editor such as Adobe Illustrator

PDF File (best quality)

JPG File

If you have any questions about logo usage, or if you require another file format or size, please contact us.